Basic Plan

  • Mailbox size240 Mb
  • Mail transfer10 Gb
  • Email boxes1 - 10
  • Free Setup1
  • .
  • .
R 35 p/m

Economy Plan

  • Mailbox size500 Mb
  • Mail transfer10 Gb
  • Email boxes1 - 20
  • Website Hosting100Mb
  • Free Setup1
  • .
R110 p/m

Deluxe Plan

  • Mailbox size1 Gb
  • Mail transfer10 Gb
  • Email boxes1 - 50
  • FTP accounts1
  • Website Hosting175Mb
  • Free Setup1
R165 p/m

Top Up

  • Global Distribution List
  • FTP account
  • Email boxes
  • SQL Databace
  • Domains
  • Domains .com
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KubuWeb is focused on Personalised hosting for individuals. We provide professional and reliable hosting; Web hosting service with superb technical support and customer service at reasonable prices. KubuWeb is attentive to its customers’ needs initiating new and forward thinking solutions and developments. KubuWeb was founded in 2009 and is a privately held company with our datacentre based in Texas, USA.

Register Domain Name

Contact to Register A New Domain or Transfer An Existing Domain hassle free .com .net .org .biz .tv .info .name

At KubuWeb you can get your business to-go. We’ll provide you with domains at trade prices, a fully hosted service. KubWeb partners with cloud specialists VPS.NET to provide cloud hosting that’s powerful, scalable, redundant and easy to deploy and manage. The build, testing and deployment process takes a matter of minutes and puts limitless resources at your fingertips. Clouds are instantly scalable, too. Plus, if you need more resources, our daily billing means you’ll only pay for what you use.

Imagine this, the dependability and low prices you love from KubuWeb, throw in the solid cloud architecture and auto-healing of, all wrapped up in your brand - sounds beautiful right? It is! And starting now this beautiful dream is completely obtainable.

Instant Server Deployment:
Be up and running in no time at all. Thanks to our amazing support and solid infrastructure you can access limitless resources in minutes.

Limitless resources with instant scalability:
Never worry about resources or bandwidth, with Cloud we can grow with you.

Easy-to-Use Management Interface:
We have created the perfect formula for efficient, effective, and affordable cloud design.

API & Full Root Access:
We have created the perfect formula for efficient, effective, and affordable cloud design for our clients to have the power to succeed.

24x7x365 Support:
With our around the clock security and support, you will know without a doubt that you have the best services available in the palm of your hand.