Kubuweb Hosting on a big scale!

KubuWeb is focused on Personalised hosting for individuals. We provide professional and reliable hosting; Web hosting service with superb technical support and customer service at reasonable prices.

On demand Data Services

Kubuweb provides a data solution platform that enables you to have access to your data that meets cross collaboration needs of users and the data security requirements. By allowing KubuWeb to partner with your business you will have the peace of mind of trusted data handled by seamless intuitive technology that fits in your every connectivity to your work place. KubuWeb enables optimal productivity for today’s highly mobile connect, anywhere, any-device any-time demand.

Value Added Services

FREE Email Forwarding

Easily increase email addresses by using your domain name: sales@your domain.com, info@your domain.com and have them forwarded to an existing mailbox.

FREE Domain/URL Forwarding

Redirect traffic from multiple domain names to your site or replace long confusing domain names with domain name forwarding. (i.e. example1.com, example2.com, example3.com can all forward or point to example.com). This service also includes "URL Framing" (where the domain name example1.com will show the content of exmaple.com).

FREE Domain Name Control Panel

Powerful and easy management of all you domain names from one location.

FREE DNS Services

Point your domain name using any of the latest host records through "CNAME" (alias), "A" (addess), MX (email servers), and even TXT (for advanced settings such as SPF)
FREE Bulk Tools

With our list Wizard and Global Edit tools you can transfer, change ownership ("Push"), renew/extend registration, and modify a long or short list of domains.
FREE Sub-Domains

Use your domain to its full capacity by also hosting web sites on different sub-domains (called "Host records"). For example you can have www.example.com being your main site and have a different site at sales.example.com.
FREE Auto-Renew

Don't ever let your domain expire because you simply forgot. We provide auto-renew and we'll attempt to renew it for you a few days before expiration.